The Palestine Solidarity Alliance Will:

• Engage and work with grass roots organizations to form a United Front to lead an Anti-Apartheid movement against Apartheid Israel.
• Highlights the parellel between South Africa and Palestine Struggle for a just and democratic society. We will show that a 'democracy'
  based on privileges for one people and not for another defined apartheid in South Africa, as Zionism now defines Apartheid Israel.
• Through education, community outreach and public action raise consciousness about the Palestinian struggle against the oppressive,
  colonial and militarist state of Israel.
• Expose the evil nature of Zionism as a racist colonial venture in defiance of four Geneva Conventions, UN Resolutions 181, 194,242,
  338 and other multilateral and international human rights conventions, including the Universal decleration of Human Rights.
• Develop practical recommendations on how to make Israel accountable to International law in order to protect the rights of Palestinian
• Provide relief and support to the victims of Apartheid Israel.s aggression in Palestine.
• Call on the South African government to condemn Human Rights abuses against the people of Palestine and promote their right to self


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