About Us

The PSA is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We work to raise awareness, lobby government, and provide active solidarity with the Palestinian people. Join us to stand with the oppressed.



The PSA works with grassroots organisations, trade unions, and other affiliates to the SA BDS Coalition, speaking truth to power and supporting the Palestinian liberation struggle.

We know that tomorrow only belongs to those who fight for it. Through workshops, festivals, and various other events, the PSA and PSA-YL work to carry the struggle for justice forward. 

Clover was taken over by the Israeli conglomerate, CBC-Milco, in 2019. Together with trade unions, we have been campaigning to reclaim the company so that it benefits society to kick Apartheid out of South Africa.

Israeli Apartheid Week started on Human Rights Day in South Africa, and events continued through to April. Under the theme, #ArtAgainstApartheid, we hosted a number of successful events to spread awareness about Palestine.