Fighting for workers rights in South Africa and Palestine

Oppression of the Central Bottling Company (CBC) and MILCO 


Milco is a subsidiary of the Israeli conglomerate, Central Bottling Company (CBC). Milco bought a majority stake in South Africa’s largest dairy company, Clover, in 2019.

Since the takeover, thousands of workers have lost their jobs. Several factories located in rural inland provinces have also closed down.

In response to this, workers embarked on strike for over six months. Their demands are against salary decreases, mass retrenchments, and the CBC-Milco ownership. Unfortunately, after months of battle, the strike has ended. Workers’ demands, however, remain.

Unite Against Apartheid Israel! Demand Milco divest from South Africa.

Boycott Clover



excerpt from the Giwusa website

In 2019, Clover was bought out by MILCO Consortium, which is led by racist, imperialist Israel’s top manufacturer and distributor of beverages, Central Bottling Company (CBC) for R4 800 000 000! R4.8 BILLION, yet workers are having to fight against wage slashes, retrenchments, factory closures and for decent working conditions that don’t see them:

  • Freezing in refrigerators without protective clothing or equipment
  • Being subjected to indiscriminate overtime without warning
  • Breaking their backs and risking their lives by both driving and offloading products with no account for tonnage
  • Being ripped apart from their families, having to work up to 7 days a week and on public holidays
  • Or being informally employed as labour broker workers for decades

All of this for earnings that fall so far below a living wage, workers can barely survive!

Clover is a Multibillion Rand Company and the biggest employer in the Dairy Industry in South Africa, employing approximately 9000 workers. We reject the brutalities of Clover, seemingly intent on destroying the lives and bodies of workers for profit, recklessly continuing poverty wages, and endlessly repeating its history of vicious, relentless attacks against the rights of all workers in South Africa!


On the 22nd of November 2021, Clover workers organised under GIWUSA and the Food and Allied Workers Union (FAWU) embarked on indefinite strike action against austerity, retrenchments, wage cuts and the MILCO/CBC take-over of Clover. More than four months later, the strike is ongoing, with Clover stubbornly and arrogantly refusing to meet the demands of striking workers.

We are calling for the nationalisation of Clover under democratic control and management of workers, communities and consumers. In doing so, we will defend jobs, ensure decent wages and conditions for workers, and affordable, quality dairy products for starving and poor communities.



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After nearly seven months, the Clover Strike has effectively ended and most workers have returned to work. Unfortunately, many have been forced to take pay cuts of up to 62%, and hundreds have been retrenched or dismissed. While workers reorganise on the factory floor, efforts are still underway to challenge Milco’s investment in Clover. To find out how you can help, get in touch with us or the General Industries Workers Union of South Africa.

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