Israeli Apartheid Week 2022


Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) is a tool for mobilizing grassroots support on the global level for the Palestinian struggle for justice.

This year, IAW carried the motif, #ArtAgainstApartheid. Herein, we shed light on the role of culture, and art in particular, to decolonise our minds in our collective struggles against cultural appropriation and oppression.

From 21 March to 10 April 2022, the Palestine Solidarity Alliance, together with numerous organisations affiliated to the South African BDS Coalition, engaged in a series of events and discussions to raise awareness about the plight of Palestine and build long-term campaigns against apartheid Israel.

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IAW started on the 21st of March 2022 in South Africa and ran up until the 10th of April. Various events were organised during the week by different Palestinian solidarity organisations, centred around the global theme. This year the theme aims to showcase the role of art and culture in resistance. The aim is to highlight the way in which art has been used in resisting colonial and occupying forces, particularly through dance, music, poetry, theatre, and story-telling. As the Palestine Solidarity Alliance we organised three events that shed light on pertinent issues in Palestine today.

Stories from In Detention

The event was held at the former Women’s Jail in Constitution Hill and focused on political prisoners and detainees. In it, we highlighted the stories of political detainees in South Africa and those in Palestine, both under an Apartheid system.

The programme was facilitated by Seadimo Tlale, and featured stories from South African Apartheid-detainees, Zubeida Jaffer and Prema Naidoo.

From Palestine, we received inputs from Ra’ed Abu Hommus, Meyyassar Attiyyati, Neta Golan, and an anonymous detainee from within an Israeli prison.

Poetic Resistance

This event explored the role of art and culture in resisting occupying, colonial, and oppressive forces. Poets highlighted the struggles of the people of Palestine and drew parallels with the struggles faced by people here in South Africa, during Apartheid and currently. 

The programme was facilitated by poet and creative Shari Maluleke and featured poets such as Zohra Saloojee, Zaharah Msomi, Zama Madinana, Karabo Word, Raees Noorbhai, Miguel Chicane, Sunny Morgan, Allan Horowitz, Sarah Lubala, Vikram Kershan, Frank Meintjies, Lara Reddy, Ayesha Kajee, Okuhle Esethu, and Hassan Lorgat

Picnic for Palestine and Movie Night

We had a Picnic for Palestine and a Movie Night at Marks Park in Emmarentia. The PSA Youth League collaborated with PSC Wits to host the event, with a range of pop-up stores present. It was a beautiful, sunny day for a picnic and families came through with gazebos and chairs to enjoy the sunshine, good music and pop-ups.

We were joined by vendors such as Zaytun who sold Palestinian items and keffiyehs, Scroll It ice cream and noodle bar, Buns & Bowls, Dhodats Burgers, King Arabic Sandwich, and Delightful Donuts.

Festivities continued into the night when we screened the Palestinian drama film ‘Omar.’ 

Additional events under the SA BDS Coalition

Kopanang Africa Against Xenophobia – Demonstration Against Xenophobia

South African Investment Conference – Demonstration Against Odious Investments and Israeli Imperialism

One Democratic State Campaign – A talk on the meaning of the Apartheid framework

Don Mattera Annual Lecture – The Child in 2030

Student Collaboration: Building Student Solidarity

Boycott PUMA Protest

Palestinian BDS National Committee – International Webinar

Imperialism, War, and Racism – The case of Ukraine, the Middle East, and Palestine


Pinkwashing Discussion

Sophiatown Tour & Poetry Evening

Murals and Painting

Global Zionist IOF recruitment activities and lawfare cases against them – Virtual Webinar

PSC Lawfare case against Zionist Mercenaries

Making Palestine the Issue: Pre-Khutba talk at mosques around the country

Workers Struggles and Solidarity in South Africa and Palestine

Sophiatown Tour & Poetry Evening

The plight of working class women in Palestine

Palestinian Cultural Evening – Poetry, Food, Art, and Music

Pinkwashing Discussion

The legal implications of Israeli Apartheid

Building Student-Worker Solidarity

Balloon release

Picnic for Palestine & Film Screening: Omar

Student Solidarity Webinar

Mural Painting

Solidarity Rally

Student Solidarity WEbinar

Movie Screening: Born in Gaza

Fast & Vigil

Student Solidarity Webinar

Youth Solidarity Building: South Africa, Palestine, Puerto Rico

Student Solidarity Webinar

:aunch of the Nelson Mandela University Palestine Solidarity Organisation

Israeli Apartheid as a Human RIghts Violation

Mural and Painting

Silent Protest

Poetry event and struggle songs

Watermelon symbolism demonstration and face-painting

Junior football tournament for Palestine



Under the banner of the South African BDS Coalition, numerous organisations from across the country arranged events in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

These events mobilised people from diverse sections of society, where awareness was raised, networks formed, and programmes developed.

Overall, we witnessed a successful week of campaigning and strategising to build a stronger, more united movement in the fight against racism and apartheid Israel.

Youth Round Table with Muna El-Kurd

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