Ramadan Program

Around the world, Ramadan is associated with peace, togetherness, and charity. These values are attacked in Palestine, where Israel escalates military repression and restricts freedom of movement in the Occupied Territories during this month.

Our task as the PSA is to uplift the spirit of Palestinians, and share our humanity with them against.

Across the country, we encourage mass iftars, educational discussions, fundraising, and donations in support of the Palestinian people.

Ramadan Programme

Podcast - Palestinian voices

Our pre-Iftaar programme this year is being hosted in collaboration with Salaamedia.  The programme is titled “Palestinian Voices” and from Monday to Friday we host a guest from Palestine who joins us and talks about pertinent topics such as political prisoners, the siege of Gaza, attacks on Al-Aqsa, mental health, and reports from on the ground in Palestine.

Roshan Dadoo

27 April 2022

Walid Hamad

26 April 2022

Jamal Juma'

25 April 2022

Ra'ed Abu Hommus

22 April 2022

Mass Iftar

The PSA held a successful event at Soweto’s oldest Mosque, Masjidul Umma, where many comrades gathered to show solidarity with the people of Palestine.

The event promoted the month’s sacred values of tranquility, sharing, and togetherness. Naazim Adam gave an address to the congregants. He contextualised recent attacks on Al-Aqsa, and highlighted the bravery of Palestinians across all sites of struggle.

The mass iftar began at 17:53, with dates and savouries, before evening prayers and a hearty meal was shared.


Defend Jerusalem

This Ramadan, Al-Aqsa Mosque was brutally attacked by Israeli Occupation Forces. Hundreds of Palestinians have been injured, including an Al-Aqsa mosque guard who was shot in his eye, several minors, and many elderly people.

Together with several human-rights organisations, the PSA has issued a statement condemning the attack, and calling for government and the world to show greater solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine. Read the full statement here

Demonstrations in defence of Al-Aqsa and Palestinian heritage were held across the country under the banner of the SA BDS Coalition.


Palestine needs your support. Keep an eye out for more details about our fundraising events, which we will advertise shortly.

In the meantime, please continue to donate to the Palestine Solidarity Alliance:

Account Name: Palestinian Solidarity Alliance 
Bank: ABSA 
Branch: Lenasia 
Account No: 4070101666