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Support the fight for the freedom of Palestine.

As an organisation, we remain pivotal to the struggle for Justice and for a Free Palestine. We remain steadfast in our call to our government and others to impose sanctions and ensure divestment from Israel to end the impunity that they enjoy despite the daily killings, detention without trial, land theft, house demolitions and ongoing siege. 

To ensure that our work is more effective and impactful we have recognised that together with our traditional volunteer ethos we also have to employ full time staff that can assist with lobbying, advocacy, education and campaigning. 

The Struggle against Racism and the Struggle for Human Rights needs your support. We thus humbly ask that you consider a financial contribution to our organisation and the work that we do. This will make a huge impact in our efforts and we know that the Palestinian people, especially those that we work with across the globe, have expressed appreciation for our efforts. 

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Account Name: Palestinian Solidarity Alliance 
Bank: ABSA 
Branch: Lenasia 
Account No: 4070101666