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Youth Empowerment Episodes

Altaaf is the Chair of the PSA Youth League. He introduces the Youth Month Campaigns and talks to us about why it is important for the youth to be involved in social justice causes.

31 May 2022

Carmen is the Information and Publications Officer at Birzeit University’s Public Relations Office, and the Coordinator of the Right to Education Campaign, working with on advocating for students’ academic freedom, through documenting, writing statements and liaising with local and international supporters and partners.

7 June 2022

Shaniaé Maharaj (she/they) is the incumbent Chairperson of the Stellenbosch Palestine Solidarity Forum. As a student activist she has been involved in anti-racism and anti gender-based violence movements. Shaniaé believes that the Palestinian liberation struggle must be approached with the same passion (and outrage) as other movements.

14 June 2022

Faeeza Lok is a social entrepreneur, change catalyst, a bunny chow lover and the founder of Voice of the People movement which is a grassroots programme that facilitate skills transfer opportunities and create spaces for young people to connect and network whilst reimagining the future of South Africa for all.

21 June 2022

Tariq Hathaleen is a 27 year old English teacher and a human rights activist from the village of Um al-Khair. He works with a network of Palestinian and international activists to raise awareness about the life in Palestine, especially in Masafer Yatta and south Hebron area. We are willing to do whatever to support our people.

28 June 2022

Environmental Justice Episodes

Sunny is a social entrepreneur, climate justice and intersectional activist. He speaks to us about the link between sovereignty and food security and how a free Palestine would be able to ensure its own food security. 

5 July 2022

Fareed Taamallah is a Palestinian journalist who lives in Qira. He is a farmer and political and environmental activist. Fareed will be talking to us about Palestinian agriculture, heritage, and resistance.

19 July 2022

Hamza Hamouchene is a London-based Algerian researcher and activist. He is the co-founder of Environmental Justice North Africa (EJNA) and the North African Food Sovereignty Network (NAFSN).

26 July 2022

Special Broadcasts
Defend Masafer Yatta

Sami Hureini is a local organizer from Masafer Yatta and is the coordinator of a local youth group called Youth of Sumud, fighting against the Israel’s continued aggression in the area and settler colonialsim.

13 July 2022