Make Your Business Apartheid Free

Open Letter to All Business Owners

As part of the international solidarity movement for a free Palestine, we hereby call on all progressive businesses to stand with the oppressed people of Palestine and the workers of Clover. As we write, Palestinians are suffering from the worst forms of oppression. They are consistently plagued by apartheid, house demolitions, ethnic cleansing, targeted killings, detention without trial and much more. On a daily basis, the Zionist colonial regime facilitates foreign Jewish settlement on stolen Palestinian lands and homes. These settlers, especially those with lucrative state business interests, are profiting on the theft of land and exploitation of the Palestinian people. Unfortunately, they are also profiting on the backs of our own workers and using these profits to prop up the Apartheid Israel. 

Oftentimes, people are incensed and disturbed by the gross human rights violations done by the racist Israeli state but feel that there is not much that they can do being so far from Palestine.

The truth is that we can do a lot more for the oppressed people of Palestine and the world over. The world today is interconnected, and we can, through our actions, impact on the behaviour, values and policies of multi-nationals and international bodies. One of the ways that you can make a difference – which the Palestinians have called for – is to boycott companies that conduct business with the Israeli state or operate in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. These companies form part of the backbone of Israel’s apartheid regime, providing them with the economic support to continue their oppression of Palestine.’

One such company is the Milco-CBC consortium, which owns the Clover dairy company in South Africa. Milco took over Clover in 2019 and has hollowed out the company to make way for Israeli imports into South Africa. Clover under Milco has caused immense suffering in South Africa with retrenchments and wage cuts of up to 20%. More than this, their profits directly support the Israeli Occupation Forces and right-wing political parties. Clover is thus tainted with the blood of workers and Palestinians alike and we have a responsibility to fight against this oppression and exploitation.

The BDS Movement needs you. We need you as leaders in business, religion, social movements, and the political sphere. We need you to stop Apartheid Israel from taking over our brands and jobs. As businesspeople, we call on you to support the Palestinian struggle by not stocking Clover products in your store shelves and fridges. 

Together, we can significantly affect Milco’s profits, and force them to disinvest from South Africa. There can be no place for Apartheid in a Free South Africa.

Kind Regards, 
Mahfouz Raffee
Campaign Coordinator


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