Ramadan Kareem!

Let us keep Palestine close to our hearts during this blessed month

3 April, 2022

This month, we pay special heed to all those suffering from oppression, poverty, hunger, and destitution. We open our hearts to the mercy and blessing of the Almighty and try to align our actions with the values of kindness, piety, and solidarity.

While we do this, we must pay special attention to the plight of Palestinians suffering under the brutal occupation of Apartheid Israel. Every Ramadan, Israel escalated military action in a deliberate attempt to repress public gatherings and intimidate the communal spirit of Palestinians.

We recall the brutal massacre of 260 Palestinians at the hands of the Zionist regime last year. Israeli military violence has intensified again this year. We fear the worst after Israel deployed an additional twelve battalions amounting to 1000 extra troops in the West Bank this year. In a ruthless display of arrogance, the Zionist extremist Itamar Ben Gvir, stormed Al-Aqsa just three days prior to the month of Ramadan.

While our hearts bleed for our sisters and brothers in Palestine, we are also emboldened by their courageous spirit of defiance. Despite being subject to severe brutality and injustice, the resistance grows. We are led by the vibrant youth, our elder veterans, and every one in between from across all spheres of Palestinian society. We are inspired by their fearless activism against one of the most sophisticated military regimes in the world. We stand beside them in full support – by our souls, by our blood, all for you oh al-Aqsa. We urge you to join us in our pledge to the people of Palestine by supporting our fundraisers, boycotting Apartheid Israel, and joining our campaigns.

Unite Against Apartheid Israel!

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